• ■Event Location
    tournament center
  • ■Event
    Mono-Color King - Mono-Color Constructed Only -
  • ■Date
    2018/8/12 06:00 pm
  • ■Registration
    2018/8/12 05:30 pm ~ 2018/8/12 06:00 pm
  • ■Format
  • ■Capacity
  • ■Entry
  • ■Prizes
    For each top player among their color will receive Mana Symbol sleeves made by Ensky
    To top players of the tournament will receive Hareruya Points.
    1st: 5,000 Hareruya Points
    2nd: 3,000 Hareruya Points
    3rd: 2,000 Hareruya Points
  • ■General Information
    Total participants for all events is at a maximum of 310 players. Capacity may change due to the availability of seats in the store.
    Events are always on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Swiss rounds depending on the number of participants.
    Choose a color to construct your deck. You may only use the color you chose or non-colored cards for your deck. Multi-color cards are not able to use and multi-color decks may not participate in this event.
    Late-Joining registration fee lowered to 500 JPY. Please register before the start of round 2(First round will be considered a no-show loss).
    Fires from 4 players.